About Us

East Texas’ Premier Metal Building Fabricator

Olympic Systems is a fully insured, family owned and operating for 28 years and have sold and fabricated over 1000 metal buildings. We specialize in engineered bolt together metal buildings sold in the East Texas area. We also work in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Kansas to provide general contractors with the same dedication and passion that we provide our turnkey customers locally. That dedication to excellence has made us one of the premier manufacturers in  Texas. We have over 35 years of experience in the metal building industry. All of our buildings are engineered for just your particular needs.

What Makes Us Special

At Olympic Systems we believe that you, our customer is number one and want to provide the ideal steel building that meets all your needs.

Our business philosophy is that our customer not only needs to have a competitive price, years of experience and a quality product, but also impeccable friendly service before and after the sale of our buildings.

You will deal directly with the owner or a family member when discussing your metal building project, instead of a high pressure sales person. We have been providing these great qualities for over 28 years and do not plan to change now. The differences between us and the other guys is not only the obvious ones , but the fact that we love this business and we are in it for the long haul. We make after hours appointments for our customers unable to reach us during regular working hours. We are proud to say we have developed a loyal following of repeat customers in the pat 28 years, by maintaining a professional and ethical reputation.

If you are looking for that dependable, reasonably priced company with years of experience to provide you with old fashion friendly service and unmatched quality then get in touch for a free quote.

How We Got Started

In 1985, Olympic Systems was founded by Curtis and Pamela Funk in Winnsboro, Texas. Initially a “mom and pop” business, our living room served as an office and drafting room by day and a bedroom to one of our five children by night. All fabrication was subcontracted and preparation for delivery entailed activities such as counting screws on the kitchen floor and rallying of family for erection of our first projects. Our first”office” was a move into a garage that we had erected on the property we purchased and where we now live. It was heated by a small corner fireplace by winter  and cooled by a window air conditioner by summer. With the contributions of a part-time welder David Riggs, for whom we remain ever grateful, we were able to begin minor fabrication and be able to provide our customers with more competitive pricing. Far from the ideal workshop, the surrounding land provided space for inventory storage and a small shop area for David as he performed his work. In 1993, we purchased our current facilities in the city of Winnsboro, It provided accessible office space and far more area for expansion of fabrication activities. Just two short years later we were able to erect an adjoining 9000 square foot shop, allowing us to begin major fabrication..
It is from these humble roots that our business philosophy continues : to provide an exceptional product that stands the test of time for our customers, ensure the finest in customer service, and all at a fair price.

Made in America by Americans

Our products always have been and will always be made in America by Americans. Our products stand as a bastion of the unwavering stamp of American quality and ingenuity.

Custom Designed To Fit Any Need

Olympic Systems designs, fabricates and erects our metal building projects. Customer inquiries are always handled with a personal touch to make sure we know exactly what each customers need is. In 28 years, and over 1000 buildings later we have never built two buildings exactly alike. Each customer has entirely different needs and we try and determine the perfect building for that need. Each building is designed to meet the building code for that area , even if the structure is not in the city and does not require a permit. We always provide our customers a detailed quote calling out every aspect of their building. Olympic builds shops, garages, barns of all types, barndominiums, mancaves, metal homes, churches, auto dealerships, commercial, agricultural . If you can dream it we can build it.

Some contractors try to sell you what they want to build, whether it easier, cheaper or not having the experience to do otherwise that causes this, here is a proven way to get the best buy and get a building to fit your needs:

Choose a strong, reputable contractor that you can talk to and will listen to your needs. Together, define exactly what your needs are and get a detailed written quote, spelling out what they plan to provide. To make sure their price is competitive; give the same written requirements to the other bidders, with no pricing from others. Accept no changes! If one contractor can build it so can another.

Choose only a company that provides engineered bolt together buildings, weld up buildings are not engineered. Insist your building be Engineered and can be sealed by a Registered Professional Engineer if the need arises. A well designed structure will yield a lifetime of confident use.

When discussing your building project you will speak with an owner or family member and not a high pressure sales person. Don’t hesitate to call even if you are not sure what you want, after 28 years we are still surprised at how different each customers needs are.

Exceptional Customer Service

As plans were made 28 years ago to begin a new business there were several important principals that could not be ignored. Unmatched quality, competitive pricing, integrity, passion for what we were building and exceptional customer service. Exceptional customer service was one very important asset we knew was lacking in this country in many businesses and we aimed to change that in our business. Benjamin Franklin said “Well done is better than well said.” We always wanted our customers to commend us on all our good traits but this one we knew we could excel in. Olympic Systems is a friendly family owned and operated business. We always go the extra mile to make sure our customers are happy with the product we sell and are happy before, during and especially after the project is completed. A quote by Donald Porter, V.P. British Airways,” Customers don’t expect you to be perfect. They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong.” We try not to make mistakes but no one will try harder than Olympic Systems to make sure we make a mistake right and a customer happy. At Olympic customer service is not a department, it’s everyone’s job.